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“Empowering Women in Transportation”

🚺According to the findings of Logistics Management’s 2017 Salary Survey, the vital role women play in the logistics management community continues to gain traction every year. Digitalization is changing the world of work—and it changes the activities in logistics.
Today, physical strength is no longer a prerequisite for employment in the industrial sector. In addition, the logistics industry has become more open and offers female specialists and managers many career opportunities. Almost all women agree that logistics is an exciting field of work. Its attractiveness can continue to increase with a higher participation of women who can enrich the male domain with:

  • additional empathy,
  • positive communication behavior and
  • great openness including willingness to learn.

🚺In their comments, the respondents clearly expressed one thing: the qualifications of women in logistics are equivalent to those of male colleagues. So, the entry into logistics was not more difficult for women than for male forwarders. All of them report a good start to their working lives. Frontiers in Future Transportation publishes research on scientific and technological innovations that will transform the future of transport and mobility systems and wants to hear the voice and perspective of women in this area.

💢CFS LTD  promote innovation and give this industry a more competitive advantage from a panel of women who are now leading top-level logistics and supply chain operations.

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