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🚺 Growing Influence of Logistics
Everything is interconnected and hinges on each other. The same is true of the logistics industry. The trends that will reshape the logistics industry are mostly trends that have to do with other industries that function together with logistics.

Experts believe that technological, business and social trends are going to drive the evolution that will be felt in the logistics industry. For some, these changes will be long overdue.

From social trends like sustainability, over the changes felt in business with the rise of e-commerce, to the multiple changes the advancement of technology will allow, the logistics industry is set to undergo massive changes in the next couple of years. Let’s take a look at what we can expect:

  1. Business Trends
    An increasing number of alternatives for meeting cost and service standards—containerization, minicomputers, air freight, and worldwide satellite communications systems.
  2. Supply chain agility
    Business occurs faster than ever due to the constant rollout of technological advances. Companies and their supply chains must be nimble if they wish to remain or become competitive in today’s digital environment. To achieve supply chain agility, logistics companies can harness the power of self-managed onboarding, as well as change and exception management.
  3. The threat of energy shortages
    During periods of energy shortages, transport costs may figure more heavily in plant and warehouse location decisions. And the locations of retail facilities from resorts to department stores may be influenced more strongly by their proximity to major markets.
  4. Closer scrutiny
    of the long-standing trend toward complex product lines. To a greater extent, the threat of material shortages is injecting logistics as opposed to marketing considerations into new product-line decisions.
  5. Digital Business Evolution
    As companies continue to implement more platforms and systems into their business processes, there is more data than ever to collect. Data is extremely useful when making business decisions. However, the increase in applications and /or platforms also means the data is spread across various locations rapidly. End-to-end automation and modernization can greatly increase the productivity of event-based workflows. When events are mapped to an automated workflow, human mistakes are removed from the equation. Technology is utilized to quickly and accurately perform each step in the workflow

💢As CFS LTD looking to the future, follows the Logistics industry trends, such as those outlined above, are going to continue to impact the industry well into the future. However, the success of trend-shaping nascent technologies requires that they are integrated with existing solutions and infrastructure.

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