About us

Cargominer.com is a freight exchange network tool. Cargominer operates as an online marketplace to enable users to post loads, and transport providers to quote for these loads, for the purpose of entering into a transaction.

The idea arose from professional forwarders who understand the day-to-day business and understand that flexibility and real-time solution is the key to expand.

Our website idea is to join logistics supply chain in all transport fields.

Reliable, quick, flexible is the key.

We are also a transportation freight forwarder or intermediary of any sort. Cargominer.com acts as a neutral venue through which transport hauliers and customers can meet and enter into negotiations with a view to entering into transactions. We are in no way involved in the actual transaction. We have no, and assume no, control over the quality, safety, or legal aspects of the jobs and/or transactions that take place through this site.

We hope to enjoy our new transport idea CARGOMINER!